Baby Connect (Activity Log) App Reviews

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Great for type A Moms!

We love this app. I love it because Im type A and any list, chart, data, graph, tracking I can get Ill take! At 20 months I still use it and my husband loves being able to peek in to see what nap was like even though he is at work. Easy to use, great for multiple caregivers and children.

Life safer for a Preemie Mom

This app is incredible. It does Everything! It helps me keep track of not only nursing (which side and how long) but also bottle feeding (how long and how much). It also helps me keep track of diaper changes and temperature, doctor visits, weight, etc. Completely worth the money for the peace of mind it gives. Not to mention it helps me keep track of things with my mama brain!

Perfect for multiple users to track

We LOVE this app and cant imagine what we would do without it. We use it with our nanny to track everything! Love the pictures I get while Im at work :)


My wife and I are very happy with the program. I wanted to find something to replace the pencil and paper logging that we were doing in the hospital. It is great that the data is held in the cloud so that both my wife & I can be adding entries on our own cell phones. I also found the website interface very helpful when I had pages of log entries to enter from the hospital paper logs.

Great for Grandmas!

Love this App for watching what my Grandbaby is up to, and being able to see pictures of him every day. When I babysit, I can add pictures for Mom and Dad, which they love. I only wish there was a way to add videos too. That would make it perfect!

Great App

I absolutely love this app! So easy to use with my iPhone and Apple Watch. I love how my hubby can enter and edit info. Super easy to use!

Great app! Can share easily-

This is the best app Ive come across. I watch a little one and am able to know what and how much he ate before coming. And I can communicate and let the parents track how he does during the day. User-friendly and very well done.

Great app

Covers everything youd want to track as a new parent. Syncs with multiple users aka parents in near real time. Allows two ways to input feedings -- a timer per breast or a total time fed. Tracks poop color and consistency; allows for blowouts and pee while changing.

Great App

Very helpful and easy to use. I love that my husband and I can both make updates. Be warned you both have to purchase the app to have it on your phones. But it has been extremely helpful and definitely worth $10. We still use it every day with our 5.5 month old. The app grows with you so you might stop tracking one thing (diapers) but want to start tracking something else (cereal).

Great for updates from school

Our kids preschool uses this app. Its great for getting a view of those little moments during the course of the day that you wouldnt otherwise have any access to. Its pretty cool to see a photo come through in the middle of the day of your kid in the midst of some interesting new activity or song.

Best app for tracking baby daily


Incredibly useful

This has been the most handy app I have ever used. The functionality is superb and the information that it stores and processes for you in invaluable! Keeping track of every feeding and diaper and pump session was daunting. I tried writing things down and other note taking apps but then a friend suggested this to me and from the first minute I used it I was sold. Its incredibly easy to enter the information you need and the developers clearly thought about every piece of information parents would want. I love that the app summarizes all kinds of data points for you so that you can see trends and growth easily. I have not dealt with any glitches or malfunctions. Highly recommended!

I have had this app since my first child was born. She is 4.5 years old now & we have had 2 more daughters since then. I LOVE this app. I have a record of each childs growth, sleep, illnesses, vaccines, etc all at my fingertips. The interface is intuitive & aesthetically nice. Everything is organized well, & allows for personalization of the home screen. The growth charts are my favorite feature. I recommend this to all new parents!

Best baby-related purchase

This app never breaks, leaves no stone unturned, and syncs beautifully across three caregivers. The only hard part is getting ourselves to stop using it :). Five stars!

App is ugly but get the job done

This app is very useful for tracking your babys sleep and eating patterns.

Easy, Multiple Users

Wish the alarm system was better.

User friendly & thorough

I am a certified newborn care specialist and this is the app I recommend to clients.

Great App for every age!

I have used this app for 5 years and with 3 kiddos. Its amazing that I can keep track of everything from medical to milestones and then share with family. Great way to keep everything in one place.

Cant live without it

This app has been a sanity saver in the first 10 months of our babys life. They seem to have thought of everything and the fact that it syncs information between our devices means we dont need to wake each other during much needed naps to ask when the baby was last fed. Buy it!

Great and very useful

I love the charts and different ways to see trends in how the baby is eating, sleeping, nursing, and how many diapers in a day. The amount of information out of this app is fantastic! I definitely would recommend this to any new parent, or anyone with a newborn.

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