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Very easy way to control your baby activities! Simple to use

Get this app

Its the app your looking for - download it. Seriously.

Great app!

Great for first time parents to keep track of feedings, changes etc. also great for when starting solids to make notes


Amazing app to keep everything you need for babies. Especially in first few months of life. As confidence and baby fries you keep track of less and less things until its just babys sleep, weight and milestones. A little buggy. Unexpected crashes. But on the whole mommy and daddy really loved and live this app. Firstborn is now 2 1/2 and we still enter her weight a d height and little sister is now 11 months. I still use it for sleep, weight, milestones and meds


We would be lost without it. Its excellent in every way.

Best money ever spent

I love baby connect. I bought this almost 4 years ago when I has my first child. Loved it then. Now Im using it with my second child and this is still one of my fav. apps on my devices. Thanks for making my life easier! :)

Great to keep me on track

My daughter is a preemie. When I finally got to bring her home she still wasnt 100%. I needed to keep close track of her growth, feeding amounts as well as diaper changes. This app not only allows me to track it all but i love that It keeps time so I know how long it has been since last feeding plus a graph showing how much she ate in a 24 hr period or how many diapers she has had. When I see the doctor I can easily refer to it during the visit. I have a 2 year old as well and I used this app with her too. Very pleased

Great for care givers

Easy for the nanny to use and keeps entries synced during the day

Excellent app

Perfect app a must for new born parents gives a good overview of kids activities. Its good overall just that deleting past enteries were a bit of a hassle. The app support replies in time. Would have given 5 if the delete thing would have not been such of a hassle.

MUST HAVE for parents!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this app!! So helpful keeping track of the time between feedings, duration of naps and last diaper change. Very user friendly. Love that you can enter an event at any time from the past (because who has time to do anything the moment it happens!!!). Worth every penny. Look no further and download NOW!!!

Great app

Has become an absolutely integral part of our parenting. Provides us with great information about quantities of sleep, food and diapers, but in those first three months we loved using it to see what patterns were emerging in our newborns day. We use this feature less now as ur babys routine has settled, but we still track everything we can so that we have the info handy if need be/anything changes.


this app functions as our tool to manage our twins. We track diapers, feedings, breast pumping, sleep, milestones- every thing. A fantastic app and one I highly recommend

Must have

This app has been a life saver. It is our main tracking tool to keep track of food, sleep, weight gain, and diaper changes. It takes the guess work out of looking for trends and I never have to worry about how long its been since he last ate etc. dad has it on his phone too so it is super convenient. Must have for first timers.

From birth to toddlerhood

Weve used this since my son was first born mostly to track diapers, nursing and sleep. When he was very little, I would look up when he last nurse or slept and it could help me figure out what he needed when he cried. For example, if he was getting fussy, I could look up how long hed be awake (before he developed a schedule) and determine if he was likely tired. Or maybe it was time to nurse. We used a lot of the other functions. When he started potty training, we used it to tell how long ago hed peed etc.

Great Program

As you can see in the description, this App can track many aspects of your child. The thing I like best, is the ability to sync with other users of the App.

Great child care app

I love this app and use it every day. Really helped me develop a consistent routine for my little one. Cant function without it.

I love it

I love the fact that everything is sync and that it keeps tracks of all my 3 kids . I just cant live without out it now especially with bb4 coming!!!

Love it!

We love this app - especially great for us with a formula-fed baby. Youll love it, guaranteed.


Im a first time Mom and had been writing everything down in a book. This is so much easier and tracks so many things!! I love that I can quickly and easily look back and see trends, patterns etc. love that it syncs between my iPhone and iPad. I highly recommend it!! Very affordable too!


This App is the app I use most of EVERY app in the world. It literally has saved my Daughters life more then once! I downloaded it hours after giving birth to her, 4 yrs ago. I thought I would track my breastfeeding in it & thats all. Little did I know that my baby would have countless complex medical issues, I would NEED THIS APP to track every single detail, diaper, milestones, movement and more! There is nothing else in the world as advanced & detailed as this app & I referred ALL my friends to this app. As parents & medical caregivers to our critical children, consistency is KEY!!! Everyone that I know, who use it; also require their childrens support staff, nurses & care providers to have it also! The synching keeps up on what my babe safe & out of hospital. THANK YOU FOR THIS MIRACLE!

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